Elmer J. Whiting Jr. Memorial Fund
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 at 04:30PM

The Elmer J. Whiting Jr. Memorial Fund has funded scholarships at the Cleveland Marshall School of Law as well as other designated purposes. The funds can be used for anything the board chooses such as scholarships, education and other programs. Principal and income can be used.

About Elmer J. Whiting Jr.

Elmer J. Whiting, Jr. graduated from Cleveland Marshall class of 1955. He was the first African American Certified Public Accountant in Ohio and one of the first African American attorney-CPAs in the country. Eventually, he became the first black partner in the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. When he died, a fellow CPA eulogized him for opening "doors we did not know were closed" and for removing obstacles "we did not know were there." Elmer was President of AAA-CPA in 1980.

Past President Whiting Honored by Law School

Biography of Elmer J. Whiting Jr.

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