Gloria K. Orin Benevolent Fund

The Gloria K. Orin Benevolent Fund provides support for members and members' families through difficult financial times due to an illness, accident, death or misfortune. Such assistance is conditioned upon the member meeting the standards and limitations provided by the Board of Trustees.

About Gloria & Richard Orin

This fund was established by Richard M. Orin in honor of his wife Gloria. Mr. Orin, a founding member and past president of the AAA-CPA, was the first recipient of the Louis S. Goldberg award when it was established in 1984.

Ethics and The Attorney-Certified Public Accountant - By: Richard M. Orin


Morris & Ida K. Traum Scholarship Fund

The Morris Traum & Ida K. Traum Scholarship Fund is for graduating students of Baruch College of the City University in New York who have majored in accountancy and are committed to becoming licensed as both a CPA and an attorney.

Applying for the Scholarship

Students must have completed the law school admission test and have submitted completed applications to one or more law schools. Applicants must submit an essay of at least 500 words clearly stating their academic and work backgrounds as well as their career objectives. Preference should be given to applicants who are working and/or are in financial need. The intent is to provide an annual scholarship of $1,000 to be paid from income of the fund.

About Morris & Ida K. Traum

Morris Traum was an attorney and a CPA and was a member of the New York Association of Attorney CPAs and the American Association of Attorney CPAs. His wife, Ida K. Traum, was an elementary school teacher in the New York City School System for more than 30 years. The scholarship fund was originally begun by Ida K Traum after the death of her husband and prior to her own death. Additional contributions have been made by their sons, Robert Traum and Sydney S. Traum.  Robert Traum holds a degree from NYU Scholl of Commerce, is a Public Accountant registered in New York State,  and continues his father's accounting practice.  Syd Traum was President of AAA-CPA in  1989 and received the Louis Goldberg award in 1994.. He holds a  BBA  degree from  CCNY's Baruch School of Business (now Baruch College), a JD degree from Harvard Law School, and an LLM  degree in Taxation from NYU Law School.  He practices law in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The Baruch College Fund


Anne & Ben Brown Fund

The Anne & Ben Brown Fund was established in 1996. The funds can be used for anything the board chooses such as scholarships, education and other purposes. Principal and income can be used.

About Anne & Benjamin Brown

Ben Brown was a member from Boston, MA. He graduated from the first class of Bentley's School of Accounting. He passed the CPA exam at the age of 20 and then worked for an accounting firm. After marriage, he attended Northeastern University School of Law at night and developed his own business on the side. He was an active Attorney-CPA into his 90's. He was well-known and highly regarded for his substantial efforts on behalf of various educational and charitable institutions.

The Anne & Brown Scholarship Fund is Announced

Four Score and Ten and Going Strong


Alexander Gurevitch Scholarship Fund

This fund was established to honor Alexander Gurevitch, who served as an Officer of The Attorney-CPA Foundation for many years and was past president of the American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants. The funds can be used for anything the board chooses such as scholarships, education and other purposes. Principal and income can be used.

A $2,500 scholarship is awarded every year in memory of Al to a student at Brooklyn Law School based on academic record, interest in law and accounting, extra-curricular involvement and community service.

About Alexander Gurevitch

Al graduated with a degree in accounting from New York University in 1951. After serving in the Navy, he went full time to Brooklyn Law School after being discharged in 1954 and graduated in 3 years and ranked 6th in his class. After graduating law school in 1957, he passed the Bar and worked for a CPA firm while studying and passing the CPA exam. Al worked in New York state until his death in October 1997. He also did lectures on Princess Cruises before his death; his topic was Wealth Preservation.



Laderman Fund

The Laderman Memorial Fund was established to honor Samuel Laderman. The fund can be used for anything the Board chooses such as scholarships, education and other programs. Principal and income can be used.

About Samuel Laderman

Sam served as the seventh president of the AAA-CPA and was a Director for over 30 years. He commenced his professional career as an Accountant after graduating second in his class at Ohio State University. He was a member of Law Review and a graduate of Cleveland Marshall School of Law. In the late 1940's, after a brief career with the IRS, Sam entered private practice specializing in Corporation Tax Law. He was also a Certified Business Appraiser. He was married to Cecile Laderman for fifty eight years, who served as Poet Laureate of AAA-CPA.

 In Memory of Samuel J. Laderman


Elmer J. Whiting Jr. Memorial Fund

The Elmer J. Whiting Jr. Memorial Fund has funded scholarships at the Cleveland Marshall School of Law as well as other designated purposes. The funds can be used for anything the board chooses such as scholarships, education and other programs. Principal and income can be used.

About Elmer J. Whiting Jr.

Elmer J. Whiting, Jr. graduated from Cleveland Marshall class of 1955. He was the first African American Certified Public Accountant in Ohio and one of the first African American attorney-CPAs in the country. Eventually, he became the first black partner in the accounting firm of Ernst & Young. When he died, a fellow CPA eulogized him for opening "doors we did not know were closed" and for removing obstacles "we did not know were there." Elmer was President of AAA-CPA in 1980.

Past President Whiting Honored by Law School

Biography of Elmer J. Whiting Jr.