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Philip & Shirley Brent Scholarship Fund

The income is to be used first to cover the annual scholarship at Baruch College (The City University of New York) and if there is excess income, the trustees may use it in their discretion to fund education programs. Principal is useable for the Scholarships, if the income is insufficient.

About Philip & Shirley Brent

This fund was founded by Philip D. Brent and his wife Shirley. Philip was a founding member as well as a charter member of American Association of Attorney-CPA's and in 1984, served as President of the Foundation. Phillip graduated from CCNY in 1949 BBA and NYU Law School in 1952, and passed both the New York State Bar and CPA examinations in 1952 and California Bar in 1982.

Louis S. Goldberg Award - 1985

Disciplinary Rules & Awards of Attorney Fees - By: Philip D. Brent

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