Education Support & Activities Fund

This funds purpose is designed to support conferences for the education of Attorney's and Certified Public Accountants. 

The Board has established that the fund shall be used to finance education programs at AAA-CPA national, regional, chapter, and/or co-sponsored meetings, and that permissible expenditures from such fund shall include, but not be limited, to expenditures for speakers’ honoraria, meals, travel and lodging, advertising and marketing of education programs, printing and duplicating costs of educational materials, electronic delivery and communication of education, and course accreditation.


Philip & Shirley Brent Scholarship Fund

The income is to be used first to cover the annual scholarship at Baruch College (The City University of New York) and if there is excess income, the trustees may use it in their discretion to fund education programs. Principal is useable for the Scholarships, if the income is insufficient.

About Philip & Shirley Brent

This fund was founded by Philip D. Brent and his wife Shirley. Philip was a founding member as well as a charter member of American Association of Attorney-CPA's and in 1984, served as President of the Foundation. Phillip graduated from CCNY in 1949 BBA and NYU Law School in 1952, and passed both the New York State Bar and CPA examinations in 1952 and California Bar in 1982.

Louis S. Goldberg Award - 1985

Disciplinary Rules & Awards of Attorney Fees - By: Philip D. Brent


McCulloch Family Scholarship Fund

The fund can be used for education or scholarships or any other foundation purposes at the boards discretion. Principal and income can be used.

About Tom McCulloch

This fund was founded by Tom McCulloch in honor of his parents. Tom was President of the American Association of Attorney-CPA's in 1995. Tom holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas and a JD from the University of Houston.

Multi-Year Strategy and Action Plan for Professional Practices - By: Thomas W. McCulloch


Robert W. Scharar Mentoring Fund

This fund was created by Richard Alphonso, President of the American Association of Attorney-CPA's in 2001. The fund endeavors to provide mentoring opportunities to new attorney-cpas as well as provide resources for schools to reach out to accounting students before they go to law school, so that these students can get the mentoring they deserve for summer internships and similar programs. Principal and income can be used.

 Mentoring in the Millennium

About Robert W. Scharar

Rob Scharar served as President of The Attorney-CPA Foundation in 1988. He was the fourth recipient of the Louis S. Goldberg Award for Outstanding Achievement in 1993. Rob is originally from Lakeland, FL and holds a BSBA from the University of Florida, MBA and JD from Northeastern University, and LLM (Tax) from Boston University. In 1975, he formed First Commonwealth Associates, the predecessor to FCA Corp, to offer fee-based independent financial planning.

Professional Development Committees: A Unique Resource and Opportunity - By: Robert W. Scharar

Rob Scharar, Treasurer elect in 1983

The University of New Orleans John S. Ellett, II Society Award

Established in _______, the UNO John S. Ellett, II Society Award provides opportunity through scholarships for accounting students wishing to pursue a law degree or law students who possess an accounting degree with a view towards the CPA credential. A professor of taxation and Professor Emeritus at the University of New Orleans from 1971 to 1994, John S. Ellett, II played a pivotal role as a mentor to Rick Alphonso and Robert Scharar, past Foundation presidents. Dr. John Ellett passed away Dec. 22, 2009 in Virginia.

In 2010, the Foundation contributed $7,500 for the UNO John S. Ellett, II Society Award to the University of New Orleans Department of Accounting.

John S. Ellett, II Obituary (Published in Richmond Times-Dispatch on December 27, 2009)
Robert W. Scharar Mentoring Fund Invitation to UNO
UNO Note of Thanks for 2010 Contribution