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Charitable Trusts

Prior Acceptance of Trustee Duties

Attorney-CPA Foundation may serve as Trustee of Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTS) and Charitable Lead Trusts when requested, however, each the Charitable Trust must be reviewed and accepted prior to execution of the document.

Funded With Real Property

Attorney-CPA Foundation may not serve as Trustee for Charitable Remainder Trusts funded with real property. If so, a local trustee should be selected until the property is sold at which time the Attorney-CPA Foundation may step in and serve in the Trustee capacity.

Funded With Non-income Producing Assets

Attorney-CPA Foundation will may not accept Trustee duties for Charitable Lead Trusts funded with non-income producing real property, other non-liquid assets, or an operating business.

Trustee Fees

The Attorney-CPA Foundation may charge a usual and customary fiduciary fee for acting as Trustee of a Charitable Trust annually out of the corpus of the Trust as valued January 1 each year.

Minimum Contribution to a CRT

In general, the minimum contribution to a Charitable Remainder Trust in which the Attorney-CPA Foundation will serve as Trustee is One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000).

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